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Brochures Printing

Tri Fold brochure printing indiaBrochures may advertise information such as your products, pricing, services, events, etc and are usually succinct and eye-catching in design so that your company profiles and objectives are directly stated. 

Brochures Printing are the essential marketing piece that everyone asks for and every business needs to tell their story in a brief one page document or ‘pamphlet”.  

Brochure printing indiaTri-fold your brochure and you have 6 panels in which to separate the information you want to portray to make it easy for the reader; make 4 panels and bi-fold the brochure instead.

Our brochures are the highest quality because we utilize the latest technology in digital and offset printing. Choose from several paper stocks, folding and finishing options to create a professional, multi-panel color brochure. We always deliver your stuff to you on time.

Folding options:

Folding Options

Brochure Printing Details

  • Brochures are printed on
    • Brochure Sizes: 4.25"x5.5" , 4.25"x11" , 5.5" x 8.5" , 14"x8.5" , 9"x12" , 11"x17" , 24.5"x11" , 33.75"x11"
    • Paper Stock : 100, 130, 170 gms gloss/matt paper stock
  • Folding Options: Single, Double upto eight folds
  • Fabrication : Gloss/ Matt Lamination is suggested for light color jobs
  • Ready for despatch within 3-5 days
  • Printing option:
    • Full-color both sides;
    • color outside; black- and-white inside; or two color inside
    • or color outside, special color inside

Do you need Design assistance? We can help you layout your Brochure from your design files, or we can design the entire project based on your supplied content. Email the details of your request for pricing. We are always available at your service. Please feel free to contact us for any requirement.