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CD / DVD / VCD Case Inserts

CD / DVD Case Inserts PrintingNow leave that ever lasting impression when distributing any CD / DVD /VCD content among your family, friends or prerspective customer with these nicely printed CD Jewel Case Inserts.

Printing CD Jewel Case Inserts. Can you think of a better way to promote and present your disc that printing a custom CD Jewel case insert? High resolution CD Insert Printing is the best quality and price around.

Our design department can help you come up with a creative design to get the biggest impact from anyone who sees your disc. Put your label on the front and song list on the back. If you want to tell your story, then choose a larger, 2 Panel CD Insert, or you can choose a 3 panel CD Insert and put a ISBN Number so you can sell it in stores! We can also create a multi-page booklet so you can show the lyrics of the songs on your CD. Full-color printed tray inserts are cut to fit neatly in the back of your jewel cases.

CD / DVD / VCD Case Inserts Printing Details

  • CD / DVD / VCD Case Inserts printed on
    • 3 sizes: 4.75x4.75” (1 Panel), 4.75x9.5” ( 2 Panel), or 4.75x14.25” (3 panel)
    • Paper Stock : 130 gsm gloss/matt art paper stock
  • Fabrication : Gloss/ Matt Lamination is suggested
  • Ready for despatch within 3-5 days
  • Printing option:
    • Full-color both sides;
    • color outside,
    • black- and-white inside; or color outside, blank inside

Do you need Design assistance? We can help you layout your Booklet from your design files, or we can design the entire project based on your supplied content. Email the details of your request for pricing.