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Newsletter Printing

Printing Custom Newsletters is a great way for organizations to keep their employees or members up-to-date on news and events. Printed color newsletters are based on 11" x 17" paper folded in half, with each sheet producing four pages. Pages are increased in multiples of four to a maximum of 32 pages.

Design Concepts is a leading commercial printing company and provides a complete range of printing services including electronic pre-press, up to five-color printing and post-press capabilities.

Newsletter Printing Details

  • Newsletter printed on
    • Size: 11"x8.5", any other special size.
    • Paper Stock : For Cover :300 gms gloss/matt card stock / *Self cover
    • Paper Stock : For Text (Inner) Pages :
      • 80, 90, 100, 110, 130, 170gsm in Matt / Gloss coat
    • Binding: Centre Pinning
    • Fabrication : Gloss/ Matt Lamination is recommended
    • Ready for despatch within 5-7 days
    • Printing option:
      • Full-color both sides;
      • color outside; black- and-white inside; or two color inside
      • or color outside, special color inside

*Self Cover means the inside pages are printed on the same paper as the outside cover sheet. An Economy version can be requested with Color Printing on the cover and Black ink only on the inside pages; please email the details and quantity for pricing.

Do you need Design assistance? We can help you layout your Appointment Cards from your design files, or we can design the entire project based on your supplied content. Email the details of your request for pricing.